We continue to add value to your projects with our facilitating and fast solutions we offer in the field of technology. We are always with you with our unique, fast solutions for all known brands.

We can produce up to 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G, 200G and 400G speeds smoothly and without loss of performance with our SFP modules, which we place first in the production line and are the first members of our family. Our products in a wide range of products with cost-effective solutions, that have proven themselves without compatibility problems with well-known brands, have become the indispensable assistant of all small/large companies developing business in the field of telecommunication and networking.

Memory products made a difference in the sector in a short time with their features such as affordable cost, high performance, quality chipset, heat resistant outer coating. By completing CE, RoHS, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification processes, we have become a preferred brand in the sector with the production process, product design and quality test.

We produce SSD products in storage units that have become the need of personal and corporate computers and are considered as the fastest technology of today. Our products, which have a stylish design with their powerful hardware, robust and heat-resistant aluminum casing, offer users high performance and enjoyable use with low noise and low power consumption. Addiationally, by offering solutions in the field of external storage, we offer a superior performance up to 500 MB/S for computer, mobile phone and camera users with a portable SSD product.


In cooperation with recycling companies, we offer various solutions and in this context, we provide services in the sector for the re-evaluation of all idle technological products. After the discovery by our expert team, we both create earning opportunities and contribute to the national economy.

View portal is our communication and interaction portal between Longline and our business partners. All of our business partners can see our entire Longline brand product portfolio available or on the road, and technically learn about the products, compare products, see the purchasing conditions determined specifically for them, place an order, follow their orders, choose among our advantageous payment alternatives, and follow technical service transactions via, where they can access with their own passwords. At the same time, they can get technical and price information about the products by announcing the campaigns and new developments.


Financial Solutions

By offering unique, special financial solutions to all of our business partners, we ensure that they focus on the work they are doing without considering the financial costs in their projects and we try to support them in developing subjects where they can move themselves further.