HR Policy

As Longline, our customers and employees are the basis of our human resources policy. In this context, we aim to develop a competitive working environment by supporting the professional and personal development of our employees.

As per our company policy, we protect business processes and results by taking responsibility and taking initiative. We work in harmony with the team members who own their job and encourage everyone to do so and increase our success.

We prioritize employee satisfaction with proactive HR practices, and develop company loyalty by establishing an effective, efficient and highly motivated organization.

We are honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our customers, we keep our promises, and we establish a strong bond with the other. We create happy employees and happy customers with transparent and sincere approaches.

Our aim in the HR system is to be one of the best companies in the sector and to be the preferred one in line with the company’s goals and strategies.



If you send us your CV containing your short background information via the form below, we will contact you when the appropriate position is available.

Your application will be kept in our archive and evaluated for future opportunities.